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What is AGCO Plus+?

AGCO Plus+ is a commercial credit account for parts and service purchases

through participating AGCO dealers, allowing you to manage your cash flow

throughout the year. When you're in the thick of busy season, ensure you

can stay productive with an AGCO Plus+ account.

From in-season repairs to taking advantage of off-season preventive-care,

don't let a breakdown take you from a profitable season.

  • Competitive rates: Standard rate financing at Prime plus 10.9%
  • Exclusive Account Holder Offers
  • Cash Flow Management
  • No Payment. No Interest.
What is Smart Rewards?

Smart Rewards is the AGCO Plus+ loyalty program.

Once you have registered for AGCO Plus+, members are able to

enroll in the Smart Rewards program to receive cashback incentives

on AGCO Parts purchases.

  • 2% Cashback on AGCO Parts purchases
  • Quarterly Promotions - up to 3x Rewards!

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Answers to commonly asked questions.

Q Can the AGCO Plus+ account be used to purchase wholegoods?

A The AGCO Plus+ account is specifcally designed for purchasing parts and service through your AGCO dealership. If necessary, attachments and three point implements under $5000.00 can be purchased using an AGCO Plus+ account. The account is not designed for machinery purchases. AGCO Finance offers competitive retail financing rates for wholegoods purchases.

Q Can I charge non-AGCO parts and service invoices on my AGCO Plus+ account?

A While genuine AGCO Parts and Service are the ideal solutions for your equipment, non-AGCO parts and service items that are sold by a participating AGCO dealership can be charged on the AGCO Plus+ account. These items may not be eligible for promotional programs sponsored by AGCO.

Q Can I use my account at all AGCO dealerships?

A Your AGCO Plus+ account, excluding Partner Accounts, can be used at any participating AGCO Plus+ dealership.

Q Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my account?

A Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-989-8525 if you have any questions. They can assist you with questions regarding your account including statement concerns, change of address, etc. Hours of operation are from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST Monday through Friday.

Q What if I need to increase my credit line?

A If you need to increase your credit line, contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-989-8525 to request additional credit. Once dialed, select Option 3 for Customer Inquiries, then select 2 for AGCO Plus+. Your account will be reviewed by one of our credit analysts, and a determination will be made on an appropriate credit line. Additional information may be required to increase the line from the current limit.

Q What is the interest rate?

A The annual percentage rate is equal to prime rate plus 10.9%, where applicable. Individual state law may determine the actual annual percentage rate allowed by law. If you only make the minimum monthly payment on your statement, interest charges may apply.

Q Are there late fees for an overdue payment?

A If the minimum payment due is not paid by the due date, you shall pay a late fee of $25. All payments are due by the 25th of the month.

Q Am I required to carry a plastic card in order to do business?

A No, a participating dealer can look up your account number, based on your company and/or first/last name. Identity verification may be required.

Q Will I receive a statement with all of my transaction information?

A You will receive a monthly statement in the mail that will include a remittance slip, change of address form, and your transactions for the previous transaction period. Your statement will also have a clearly visible important message area that will indicate any special circumstances regarding the account. Individual transaction detail will not be available.

Q Can I make a payment over the phone?

A Yes, you can call 1-888-989-8525 to set up a SpeedPay transaction. Once you dial, Select Option 3, then select 2 for AGCO Plus+ customer support. Fees may apply.

Q Will I receive a welcome packet in the mail?

A Yes, a welcome packet will be mailed after application approval. This information will be sent to the address listed on the application.

Q Can I use my account outside of an AGCO Dealership?

A Your AGCO Plus+ account is designed specifically for use at your participating AGCO dealership. Transactions outside of participating dealers is prohibited.

Q Can I send my payment to my local AGCO dealer?

A No, all payments by mail must be sent to AGCO Finance based on country of residence:

Q I received a Partner Account. What does this mean?

A Partner Account is an account that is only valid at the partner dealership. You will not be able to use your account at any other participating dealer besides your Partner Account Dealership.

AGCO Plus+ Smart Rewards FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions.

Q How does Smart Rewards work?

A Get 2% back on all your AGCO Part purchases using your AGCO Plus+ account. Every time $2500 is spent on qualifying purchases, you will be awarded with two $25 AGCO Comeback Cash Certificates.

Q How do I redeem an AGCO Comeback Cash certificate?

A physical copy of the AGCO Comeback Cash certificate has to be redeemed at an AGCO Dealership. Digital copies of Comeback cash certificates are also available using your online account. These digital Comeback cash certificates can be viewed online and also can be applied when placing orders online.

Q Will I be given a new AGCO Comeback Cash Certificate if my transaction cost less the total value?

A The certificates do not have cash value and value remaining will not be rewarded if transaction was less than the total invoice. See Terms & Conditions for more details: AGCO Plus Smart Rewards Terms & Conditions.

Q What other benefits comes with being an AGCO Plus+ Smart Rewards customer?

A There is additional value to being an AGCO Plus+ Smart Rewards member. Outside of cash back on your purchases, each member will be the first to know of new product offerings and exclusive promotions.

Q Do I receive my rewards on top of other AGCO Plus+ promotions?

A Of course! That is the added value of the program. Any interest or discount offers will stack on top of the 2% Smart Rewards rebates.

Q Are all my transactions on my AGCO Plus+ eligible for Smart Rewards?

A Smart Rewards are only eligible for AGCO Parts. Non-AGCO parts and/or dealer labor will not go towards the accumulation of Smart Rewards.

Q How do I join?

A To enroll in Smart Rewards, members must first have an AGCO Plus+ account. Members with an AGCO Plus+ account can enroll in Smart Rewards by visiting Create or login to your online account and follow prompts to "enroll in Smart Rewards".

Q Where can I find my 6 digit AGCO Plus+ account number?

A Your account number can be located on your monthly AGCO Plus+ statement, or by calling 1-888-989-8525.

Q How long does it take to see my transaction appear towards my progress in accumulating towards a reward in my account?

A Transactions will appear in your Smart Rewards account reward progress at the end of the month.

Q When is my AGCO Comeback Cash rewarded?

A After $2500 is spent on AGCO Parts. Once this threshold is met a certificate will be mailed within 3-5 business days and a digital reward will be in your account the following business day.

Q Does my login at AGCO Plus+ MyAccount Access work for my Smart Rewards account?

A Not at this time. Your Smart Rewards account is accessible through your e-commerce account login.

Q Do I have to have an AGCO Plus+ account to be a Smart Rewards member?

A Yes.

Q How do I sign up for AGCO Plus+?

A Customers can complete an application at or visit their local participating AGCO dealer to complete an application.

Q Can I use my rebates to pay my AGCO Plus+ account?

A Comeback cash cannot be used to pay back any outstanding balance on your AGCO Plus+ Card.

Q How do I contact customer service?

A Call us at 1-888-989-8525, from 8 am - 5 pm CST Monday through Thursday, and 8 am - 4:30 pm CST Friday. Or email us at